Police-Citizen Relations Across the World: Comparing sources and contexts of trust and legitimacy (ed Dietrich Oberwittler, Sebastian Roché)

Table of Contents

Foreword (Michael Tonry)

Part I: Introduction

1. Towards a broader view of police-citizen relations: How societal cleavages and political contexts shape trust and distrust, legitimacy and illegitimacy (Sebastian Roché and Dietrich Oberwittler)

Part II: Police-citizen relations. Multilevel and comparative approaches: Neighbourhoods and states

2. Recent trends in police-citizen relations and police reform in the United States (Ronald Weitzer)

3. Ethnicity, group position and police legitimacy: Early findings from the European Social Survey (Ben Bradford, Jonathan Jackson and Mike Hough)

4. Ethnic disparities in police-initiated controls of adolescents and attitudes towards the police in France and Germany: A tale of four cities (Dietrich Oberwittler and Sebastian Roché)

5. Police legitimacy and public cooperation: Is Japan an outlier in the procedural justice model? (Mai Sato)

6. Why do Nigerians cooperate with the police? Legitimacy, procedural justice, and other contextual factors in Nigeria (Oluwagbenga Michael Akinlabi)

Part III: Societal cleavages and legitimacy: Minorities and religions

7. Policing marginalized groups in a diverse society: Using procedural justice to promote group belongingness and trust in police (Kristina Murphy and Adrian Cherney)

8. Adolescents’ divergent ethnic and religious identities and trust in the police. Combining micro- and macro-level determinants in a comparative analysis in France and Germany (Sebastian Roché, Anina Schwarzenbach, Dietrich Oberwittler and Jacques De Maillard)

9.The impact of the Ferguson, MO police shooting on black and non-black residents’ perceptions of police. Procedural justice, trust, and legitimacy (Tammy Rinehart Kochel)

10. Why may police disobey the law? How divisions in society are a source of the moral right to do bad: The case of Turkey (Sebastian Roché, Mine Özaşçılar and Ömer Bilen)

Part IV: Procedural justice as cause and consequence

11. Stop-and-Frisk and trust in police in Chicago (Wesley G. Skogan)

12. Good cops, bad cops: Why do police officers treat citizens (dis)respectfully? Findings from Belgium (Maarten Van Craen, Stephan Parmentier and Mina Rauschenbach)

13. Trust in the Finnish police and crime reporting—findings in the context of the Nordic countries (Juha Kääriäinen)


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